Here are some of the pictures I’ve taken underwater … click on the thumbnail to get a bigger size …

Sweetlips – Palau

 Jacks – Palau

 Coral – Palau

 Bullets left from WWII – Palau

 Part of a wreck – Palau

 Part of a wreck – Palau

 Divers ascending to dive boat – Palau

 Turtle – Palau

 Bumphead – Palau

 Grey reef shark – Palau

 Grey reef shark – Palau

 Grey reef shark – Palau

 Garden eel – Palau

 Cabbage coral (on right) – Palau

 Yellow fin barracuda – Palau

 Manta – Palau

 Manta – Palau

 Manta and Peter – Palau

 Manta and Dave – Palau

 Manta – Palau

 Jacks – Palau

 Jacks – Palau

 Orly taking a picture of grey reef shark – Palau

 Grey reef shark harassed by jacks- Palau

 Grey reef shark – Palau

 Napoleon wrasse – Palau

 Napoleon wrasse – Palau

Stonefish - Barge  Stonefish – Barge, Anilao

Clownfish - Anilao  Clownfish – Anilao

Lobster - Apo Reef  Lobster – Apo Reef

Diver at Barge - Anilao  Diver approaching Barge – Twin Rocks, Anilao

Lionfish - Tubbataha  Lionfish – Tubbataha

Clownfish - Anilao  Clownfish – Anilao

Blue Ribbon Eel - Anilao  Blue Ribbon Eel – Anilao

Jacks - Twin Rocks  Jacks – Twin Rocks, Anilao

Coral - Anilao  Coral – Twin Rocks, Anilao

Crab on coral  Crab on coral – Anilao

Jack - Silhouette  Jacks – Twin Rocks, Anilao

Frogfish - Anilao  Frogfigh – Kirby’s Rock, Anilao

Delsan - Tubbataha  Delsan – Tubbataha




14 responses

17 12 2007

GREAT Shots Buddy !
Thanks in advance for the tank banger
May pang-tatawag na ako sa iyo 🙂
Merry Christmas !!!

11 04 2008

I like the crab on coral but I prefer to look at it upside down…hehe..can I order a print? you can have your name on it but I’m hanging it upside down..:) 8×11 should look really nice..do you have a good one of the yellow tailed fish (fusilier ata…) at twin rocks?

11 04 2008

Hmm … you actually gave me an idea … I should have some of my UWP’s printed to hang in my room … of course, I’ll have an extra one of the crab printed for you …

Now … if only I remember …

11 04 2008
4 days @ palau « alberto

[…] uwp […]

28 04 2008

Hi Alberto,

It was really nice diving and sleeping with you in Anilao… hahahaha… lets do it again, the Friday´s team!!! Jokes aside, contact me soon…

Warm regards


28 04 2008

oh! and thanks for your usefull tips man, I was able to save some shots during my first experimental weekend… Thanks!

3 05 2008

Well Carlos … hope to enjoy your company soon enough during another dive.

3 06 2008
lea alissa

I forgot all about the photo..hahaha..did you print yet? your humphead header is also pretty!
I like photos, but I can’t imagine myself taking them. parang ang hirap kasi..all those buttons! hahaha..and then I get frustrated when my camera can’t see what my eyes can.

4 06 2008

ALI – I will get to them someday … I do wish to have them printed and framed so I can hang them on my room … don’t worry, I will not forget about your request ..

26 02 2010

nice nice shots! finally looked at them today. at least now i have an image in my head when we talk about how big that mantas are in palau. 😀

26 02 2010
27 02 2010

Those Jacks were taken on the way to our second visit to Blue Corner…

10 03 2011
Fepi Cruz

Thanks senor alberto for the dvd sa palau trip natin….Enjoy and safe ako pag kasama ko kayo guys…….see you soon on the next dive…..

11 03 2011

You’re welcome Fe… enjoy talaga pag kumpleto ang grupo… 😀

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