dry summer

24 04 2010

On or about the end of March, through April without discounting May… the metropolis becomes an oven.  As Holy Week approaches, you can already feel the heat of the fast approaching summer.  Just as we were getting used to the cool breeze of January and February… someone shuts if off and turns on the oven.

This year has been particularly strange for me.  I am an avid weather buff and try to keep on top of things.  I have a hygrometer (measures humidity) in my room… coupled with a thermometer (measures temperature) and barometer (measures atmospheric pressure).

This year’s summer has been fairly dry compared to past years.  Humidity usually is within the mid-80’s during this time of the year… but I’ve noticed that we hardly went over 60-65% so far.

Hence, if you’re not to wasted from the heat… you’d notice that you don’t perspire as much… which makes it even worse.  In the past years, you can easily drench your shirt if you’re not in front of a fan… not this year.  It’ll be hot, but you won’t be perspiring as much.

So, I don’t know what’s worse… dripping from perspiration and eventually cooling off or dry heat where it seems like you’re in an oven.

This is truly El Niño…




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