retiring the 9500

18 03 2010

After five years of unrelenting service, it was time to retire my Nokia 9500 Communicator.  I finally took the plunge and got myself a smarter phone – HTC Magic, powered by Android.

I am very happy and impressed with HTC.  Of course, there’s the learning curve to conquer… and after months of use, I still am discovering new things.  Ahh, the rewards of experimenting.

It was Android, the phone’s operating system that got me moving.  I simply enjoy the close integration with Google.  Calendar, contacts, email, and SMS (so far) are linked and synced with my Google account… which makes loading them into any other Android phone a snap… just set it up and sync away – GREAT!

There are also the apps.  Okay, its still a long way off from what iPhone offers, but this is fairly new ground… and yet, there are bounties – and most are FREE!

This phone has shelved my netbook.  Going online is far simpler and less intrusive than booting my MSI Wind.




2 responses

18 03 2010

I want that Google SkyMap.

18 03 2010

So far, it’s just for Android… there’s a lot of clamor for it to be ported to other OS’s…

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