lto license plate verification via sms

18 11 2009


Got this via email and I’ve personally tried it… works…


Plate Verification… important when police questions you

Something handy to keep in your phone . . . .

This is information about the REGISTRATION of any of your vehicles, whether it is filed genuinely at any LTO Office or not.

There are CHECKPOINTS nowadays and some unscrupulous policemen will tell you that your CAR REGISTRATION is not duly registered even if you show the OFFICIAL RECEIPT-LTO CAR REGISTRATION. The policeman will tell you that it is either tampered or fake and you have no choice but to deal with the extortion…

On your cellphone text this message:


XXX000 stands for your vehicle’s PLATE NUMBER ( Philippines )


SEND to 2600 and wait for auto-generated reply then save to your phone.

(An amount of P2.50 or P2.00 will be charged when you send to 2600)
A reply message from 2600 will inform you the following about the plate number:

Car Plate:
Date of Last Registered:
LTO Apprehension: if any
LTO Alarm: if any

If there is a problem in CHECKPOINTS, just show this text message to the police officer in charge.

This text message from 2600 is also very important when buying an old and very cheap used car.

This will also be useful when you are following a car with a doubtful car plate no.

And lastly, when you register your car at any LTO Office try to check this out whether your car is genuinely registered or a tampered or fake OR was issued to you by an unscrupulous LTO employee or fixer.

PS.  Save or print this for your reference…  and email this to your friends.




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20 06 2010
sonny gomez

this is very useful and very informative.
thanks to the Filipino ingenuity !

6 01 2011

hi alberto,

thank you so much for sharing a very useful tip…. by the way, do you have any idea how we can upload our new license plate if it is not yet uploaded by LTO?



10 05 2011
gry dla dzieci

Pozdrawiam, bycza strona :)) Aina & siberians

27 06 2011
JunLen Perez

Thanks to this page! It’s very handy and fast reply info ’cause if you really like the car and you have second thoughts of the reliability, you could hand down reservation right then and there because of this. With the generation now that everybody’s carrying a cellphone:)

30 06 2011

Hi..i would like to ask if it will register imediately if you renew your cars regestration? Will it appear if check the day after you renewed? And how can you determine if its an ex taxi or not?.. tnx guys

1 07 2011

I really have no idea what the mechanics of this service is aside from verifying the plates versus the actual vehicle. I would suggest you contact LTO directly and ask…

23 07 2012
Cherry Lyn Hoyo-a Ruiz

sir pag taxi po yellow plate po yun….

20 09 2011
Gm Zora T. Abaquita


15 12 2015

Whose plate is this AWD229. Is this a taxi? Your reply is much appreciated… Thanks…

20 10 2011

this is ver useful so. thank you very much!!!

16 12 2011

its really helpful…tnx

5 03 2012

more convinient… thnks!!!

more power!!!

go! go! go!

21 05 2012
Ila Tranzia Simblante

who owns this plate # RCM 183

23 07 2012
Cherry Lyn Hoyo-a Ruiz

pag taxi syempre yellow plate sya…hello?

21 09 2012
Sand Mite (@tricksandtwits)

Hello din ate, dahil may sasakyan na ex-taxi. Ida-drop ang yellow plate at papalitan ng private. HELLO. 🙂

22 11 2012

With respect to vehicle registration details, this text service only operates during office hours.

19 02 2013


5 05 2013

para sa kotse lang ba hindi pwd sa motor

5 05 2013

Hindi ko pa nasubukan sa motor… subukan mo tapos ipaalam mo sa aming lahat… salamat…

4 09 2013
efren delfin

sir bakit ganun pag tinex ko yung plate number 2 times 2600 ang reply sorry not process this time

4 09 2013

I really have no idea Efren… it could be that the system is down. I just wrote about this service soonest I’ve learned of it.

17 09 2013
Philip licop

I want to check the motor cycle plate number…IA2626

14 11 2013


9 02 2014
selling a vehicle bedford

I read through quite a lot of different blogs, though
your blog is a pleasure to read.

9 02 2014

Thank you very much… I hope I find the time to update it once again…

9 02 2014
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I personally check out a number of blog articles, however your blog is a pleasure to read through.

9 02 2014

Thank you…

22 02 2014

paano po ba e verify yung engine number and chassis number ng kotse using the license plate?

23 02 2014

There’s no current mechanism using SMS that can do what you wish. The only way is to check with the authorities…

7 03 2014

Mr. Ronald Lim I would like to hear from you what updates you may have now with regards to my complaint against the owner of this plate no. GGL 223 who hits me last Nov. 9, 2014 at Brgy. Hipodromo about 4 pm. mini van gray color ( hit and run accident) i am surely sure that her/his vehicle was expired on march 2014. So i am looking forward of hearing from you soon!

Respectfully yours,
Ma. Azucena P. Tumbiga

7 03 2014

Mr. Ronald Lim I would like to hear from you what updates you may have now with regards to my complaint against the owner of this plate no. GGL 223 who hits me last Nov. 9, 2013 at Brgy. Hipodromo about 4 pm. mini van gray color ( hit and run accident) i am surely sure that her/his vehicle was expired on march 2014. So i am looking forward of hearing from you soon!

Respectfully yours,
Ma. Azucena P. Tumbiga

7 03 2014

And this comment is here why? I am not Ronald Lim and also NOT connected in any way with LTO or any government agency.

11 03 2014

Sir ask Ko po kng papano po malaman Kung ang isang green plate na sasakyan ay natransfer na s yellow plate.?
Saan po aq pwede mgverify??

12 03 2014

I would imagine that LTO would be the agency in charge for vehicle plates, and as such, would be the best agency to approach regarding your concern.

13 03 2014
buy your Automobile

Your blog post is actually awesome. Can I connect with you on G+??

1 04 2014

no record found ang check ko sa 2600 ibig sabihin po ba nun sir eh gawagawa lng yong plate number 2011 model ang sabi ng seller wala padaw na upload ang plate number nya…..tama ba yun sir

1 04 2014

Why don’t you verify directly with the LTO whether the car is registered or not – just to make certain.

18 04 2014

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19 04 2014

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10 05 2014
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1 06 2014
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I really like what you guys tend to be up too.
This kind of clever work and exposure! Keep up the fantastic works guys I’ve added you guys to our blogroll.

7 06 2014

You are so right. I hear about this all the time. Awesome post.

9 06 2014

much better if the name of registered owner is also indicated

11 07 2014

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13 07 2014
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23 07 2014

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6 08 2014

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21 08 2014

Exciting reading. Fantastic ideas, well-made.
I do believe you are spot on there.

4 10 2014


4 10 2014

meron bang same temporary plate number?

4 10 2014

I don’t think it works with temp plates…

23 01 2015

I don’t think this works anymore with the new plate eg ABC1234. It replies with the plate length is invalid (4-6 characters maximum). Or is there a new number to text the new plate to?

16 07 2017

dapat pati name ng owner nilalagay din…

16 07 2017

Hello po. May I know details of this Plate number AWD229?

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