something amazing

23 07 2009

There are just some days when something amazing happens. When its one of those days, I just can’t help but be simply thrilled.  This is one of those days.

It all started last week… no more than 5 days ago.  I noticed that our main landline was noisy… full of static.  It would be so terrible at times that you couldn’t hear the other party.  I tried to troubleshoot the problem but to no avail.

In the meantime, my DSL line was acting up.  I would get disconnected often.   It would re-connect after 1-2 minutes but it was getting irritating.  After all, I didn’t pay for intermitent service… I paid for 24/7 unlimited service… something they seem to take for granted.

So yesterday (22Jul), I reported both problems – with 2 phone calls mind you.  Anybody who has had to call PLDT will attest that you wait at least 15 minutes on hold if you get to connect at all.  THIS IS A TELCO and you can’t even call-in to report a problem… sheesh.

But yesterday was a real treat… I connected really quick on both accounts.  I didn’t even get to hear their ad that endlessly loops while you wait.  I spoke to a customer service representative immediately… hmmm, something’s amiss here… but I wasn’t complaining.

I knew that the static landline will receive immediate response… after all, that’s a “physical” problem, so they will send a lineman ASAP.  It was the DSL line I was concerned about.   Like I said, I was still able to connect but would drop off for 1-2 minutes every so often.  In the past, it would take weeks of constant “follow-ups” before anything got resolved.

Not this time… the gods must have been in my favor… the day after I reported both problems, 2… yes that’s TWO repairmen came to the house.  One to repair the static… the other to resolve my constant disconnection.

Happy to report that both were resolved in about 90 minutes… the static was gone in the main line and after replacing my month old modem, the constant disconnection was gone…


My Rig

My Rig



2 responses

17 09 2009

your table looks like something from a hacker movie…..:D heehee..
so complicated!

oh, and the ashtray is empty?

oh, and you do have a lot of wires but no clutter….my desk is invisible under my stuff……………

17 09 2009

There’s no ash tray there… that’s just an empty container I use for coins…

Lots of wires is correct… pasta central… its not even noticed on this picture…

Clutter has been cleaned… that’s why I took a picture… to remind me how it should look like… there’s usually a lot of paper and what not on that desk…

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