cell phone scam

6 09 2008

SMS from: +639072784883

Congrats!You are a 2nd Prize winner worth P/680.000 (PGMA)Charity Fund Raising draw,Sept,02-Series of 2008.Pls Cll.me now!ATTY. JADE V.AYALA/DTI-NCR Permit#0522


It reeked of scam from the first line.  Who in their right mind would ever think that this was real.  Winning large sums of money without joining anything?  “If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.”

Anyway, I had nothing better to do … I gave the number a call.  I asked for ATTY. AYALA but “she was in a meeting.”  A certain ATTY. JENIE GARCIA answered the call.  First she asked when I received the message … I said just now.  This was red flag number one since she was using the phone the message emanated from.

BTW, they obtained my number through a “random” draw done by computer – YEAH RIGHT!  More like a random click of their fingers …

After a brief explanation of the “promo,” she asked how I would want to receive the money.  There were 2 ways: 1) either they deposit to a bank account or 2) deliver it to my location.  There were requirements that I needed to submit: a) marriage contract, b) 2 valid id’s, 3) cedula (residence certificate), 4) barangay clearance, 5) voters id, 6) 2 pcs smart buddy cell card worth P300 each.

That’s a weird list … anyway, throughout the conversation, red flag number 2 came up … there were chickens crowing in the background.  There’s just no room for chickens in the work place right?

Also, she was quite arrogant over the phone and kept on asking if I was interested in claiming the prize and not to waste her time otherwise.  She never buckled over the phone and said her piece like a well-oiled machine.

She never asked for any personal information over the phone and I was careful that I never divulged anything myself.  Anyway, after the call, I decided to do a little research.  I went to the DTI-NCR website and checked the promo number:

Permit Number : 0522
Scheme : CONTEST
Promo Duration : 2008-02-08 to 2008-03-07

First, its expired … second, it’s sponsor is different from the “Single Foundation” she mentioned that sponsored their promo.

So there you go … SCAM in action … remember, “if its too good to be true, it probably is.”




23 responses

6 09 2008
Eric Lee

Great Blog post. I am going to bookmark and read more often. I love the Blog template if you need any assistance customizing it let me know!

19 06 2009
norhanisah aragon

Gud Pm,
i just want 2 clarify about txt PGMA Charity,they txt my sem had won.
plz txt me this no. 09185101622…
thank you a head..


20 06 2009

This is clearly a scam… how could you or I have won anything if we (at least I) have not joined anything.

If its too good to be true, it probably is. BEWARE and use your head…

19 06 2009
norhanisah aragon

Gud Pm,
how about the txt i resive from smart money that my account no. already done

20 06 2009

The best thing to do here is to call SMART and inquire. Mention that you received a text from “x” number informing you of such.

4 03 2010

Hi. Just got the same SMS from this number: 09078435217. Got it 3 times. Obviously a scam so I ignored it. Good thing I also searched the net and found your blog entry about it. We should all be vigilant and report these numbers to the NTC. Needless to say, also be smart (no pun intended) and not fall for these scams.

4 03 2010

Good for you… as mentioned in my entry above: if its too good to be true, it probably is…

They were just probably after the 2 cell cards “required.” There’s a sucker born every minute… or in the vernacular… mayroon manloloko at may nagpapaloko… aren’t you glad you ain’t the later… 😀

Be vigilant and use your common sense…

9 03 2011
Jesii Ne™

OMG. i just recieved this message and i called him, and yu where ryt. there was a chicken sound bacground. WTF. i thought it was for real. but my amount was P780k. -__- lmao.

9 03 2011

So they’re still at it eh? Three years and they’re still scamming… they must be raking it in to make it worth their while…

25 04 2011

me i receive just now a message (April 26,2011) of 10x that i won 2nd prize worth P780k. from noy & cory Foundation naman…was named atty.Jade A Ayala and W/ DTI permit# 7318Sr2011..from this #+639067548521…beware to all please…

4 08 2011

same thing, but different number.
when i received the text, i simply searched in the internet about this FRUSTRATED ATTORNEY Jade Ayala?!!!
ngek! ngek ny’a!
her new number is 09488773105

13 10 2011

jz reciv a msge from atty. jade a. ayala dw sabi nya haha.. “congratulations your sim number had won P780,000 thru electronic raffle draw fr: Aquino charity foundation with banko sentral ng pilipinas “handog pangkabuhayan” to claim ur prize pls call me now im atty. jade a. ayala bsp. info. dpt. per-dti# 3920 series of 2011″…. she was using this numbr (09057003483)…

13 10 2011

Wow… they’re still at it… must be raking it in…

26 07 2012

hi my friend got sms just now and its so wierd bcoz my friend believed that it was true bcoz mr alberto ayala call her many times and convince her that sent him the total sum of 1500 pesos for the payment of lbc and they going to deliver the cheque…im just thankfull that i read your blogs….

31 03 2013

all i can say, is babalikan xia ng karma! w’r vry thankful to hv this blog to inform other people & learn from this,

1 04 2013
Alberto Godinez

Karma or not, what is important is now, you know…

14 10 2013

wow…parang ngaun lang kausap ku daw c Atty. Jade Ayala..My God….C Lord na bahala sau .. 😦 he was trying to convince me to comply the requirements he needed..too bad nabigay ku ung address at full name ku..huhu

14 10 2013

here are the #’s he currently using 09094193832 and 09127841744..he demand me to comply all the requirements before 4 pm..WTF he said i need to find 1200 in order to get the prizes in Mlhuiller..hAHA

5 07 2015

atty. JADE V. AYALA, here’s his # that he use 09103674974, nagulat ako kaka gising ko lng un ung txt…(PBCA) CHARITY FUND RAISING… 680K ung sa akin…anu dapat gawin ibinigay ko ung adrrss ko at full name.

5 07 2015

Sikat talaga yan si Atty. Jade V. Ayala… kung ano anong project na lang at ang daming niyang gustong payamanin…

22 04 2016
edgardo cuevas jr

Ohh gosh I just received a message from Atty. Ayala yesterday too and said I won but I have to pay 1800 for the registration of BIR and I have doubt that’s why I do a reseach and I found this post. Thank u.

16 06 2017

here’s the new number of so called ATTY JADE V. AYALA 09105344719.
Kakatawag lang today, haha.. Sarap paglaruan e.. Sakyan lng ntn;)

21 06 2017

Unbelievable… buhay pa yung SCAM?! Grabe naman… ang dami talagang gustong payamanin si ATTY. JADE V. AYALA.

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