a visit from acmar

20 06 2008

You may be wondering … who the hell is Acmar?? When he was presented to me, I gave him this weird stare although I knew we were going to be good friends that day.

You see, Acmar is a CPR dummy or mannequin. Acmar 911 is his complete name and I was glad to make his acquaintance. You see, I finally decided to take the Rescue Diver course. It’s about time … I’ve been putting this off for a couple of years already … if not now, I’ll never get through with this.

A pre-requisite to Rescue Diver is Emergency First Response – the fastest growing international CPR and first aid program that is recognized by the United States Coast Guard, The Boy Scouts of America, and the American Council on Exercise (ACE), to name a few. This is one skill that I’m glad to learn but hope that I never have to use.

For the rescue diver course, I will have Doc Marc as a classmate and have enticed Torpedo John and Jet to join us.

Of course, after the EFR lecture / video presentation … which took a good 4 ½ hours mind you… came the “after party.” – the best part!!! Dave invited Steve a.k.a. “Bakal” (new nickname I gave him) and Jet to join us for some drinks. The wifey prepared some sausages empanada’s and siopito’s (small siopao – steamed buns) for munchies. When Bakal arrived, he brought some food too … it felt like a lauriat.

after the party comes the good times
Steve, Dave, myself and Jet – let the good times roll

Good lecture … good food … good friends … good drinks … good times … new friend – acmar … what more can you ask for …

Continue your dive education … dive with Dave …



3 responses

20 06 2008

teka, bakit di ko alam to? daming food o! *inggit*

20 06 2008

Well … Dave did the callling … 🙂

2 08 2008
rescue divers « alberto

[…] after my visit from Acmar, the training dummy during my EFR (Emergency First Response) class … it was time to get it […]

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