19 04 2008

The end of the Palau Dive trip found me celebrating a minor milestone in my diving career.  After the trip, I have officially logged 201 dives and 10,004 minutes underwater.  This may not be much to some, but definitely something I am happy about.  After 4 years of diving, this averages to:

  • 50 dives per year
  • 12.5 weekend trips per year (not all are weekend dives though)
  • 2,500 minutes or almost 42 hours per year
  • 50 minutes average per dive

If you put it in those terms, that’s not much … but its something …




7 responses

19 04 2008
Jomi Chuidian

Wow congratulations!!!!

21 04 2008

Good for you buddy, ang tiyaga mo mag-log. Cheers to more diving 🙂

21 04 2008

congratulations! 🙂

27 05 2008
Duke Real

Galing!!! Congrats!!!!
Hay!!!! Hopping to archive the same thing….. 10,001.65 hours to go….
Hehehehe. C U Till the next dive, …… say one weekend of June.

28 05 2008

Thanks Duke … actually its minutes not hours … 10,000 hours would mean 400+ days … whoa!!!

Hope to dive with you soon …

3 06 2008
lea alissa

imagine 400+ days of diving………baka sila tatay dave 10,000 hours na? Elmer siguro more because he did commercial diving for a couple of years..sabi niya, after his shift, they would all go into the chamber and stay for hours..

3 06 2008

Dave and Elmer are probably close to the 10,000 hour mark … Imagine, Dave is in Anilao practically every week. Let’s say he’s there 45 out of 52 weeks … does only 4 dives at 40 minutes each … that’s already 120 hours per year … that’s not counting his liveaboards, etc, etc.

They’re close …

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