ambient skype

22 03 2008

I just learned a new coined phrase online … “ambient skype.”  We all know what skype is right?  For those that have been hiding in a cave or lost in an island these past few years, skype is a VOIP (voice over internet protocol) software that allows users (who have installed skype) to call each other for free … actually not only using voice but video as well.

There are people now that “do” ambient skype … simply, making a skype call and keeping the line open, so you could talk (or not) for as long as you wanted.  You can do whatever you want … cook, clean, read, watch TV … an occasional comment here and there is enough to keep it going.  Some have even left the connection open while they sleep.  This works great for loved ones separated by long distances (or not) … it actually reduces the distance.

I’ve personally done this but not to the extent of leaving the connection on for hours … simply talking to friends and relatives … going to the kitchen to get a drink … slipping outside for a smoke … etc.  There’s no pressure whatsoever … 🙂

Skype has indeed come a long way … thanks to affordable broadband connection …

Pretty cool idea if you asked me …




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