sQuba underwater car

16 02 2008

Here’s something that every diver would probably want … I know I would: Underwater Car.

Here’s a blurb:

An underwater car, based on a James Bond film, has been unveiled in Switzerland. The amphibious two-seater has been made from a Lotus Elise, with three electric motors replacing the petrol engine—one powers the back wheels, while the other two work the specially designed propellers.

Top speed is 75mph on land, 4mph on water and 2mph below the surface. The zero-emission vehicle is powered by rechargeable li-ion batteries, dives to 10 meters and can stay underwater for up to two hours. Costing almost $1.5 million to build, the sQuba concept car will be on show at next month’s Geneva Motor Show.

And if you run out of power during a dive, the car can always become an artificial reef …



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