3 01 2008

For the first time ever (at least for me), I travelled with practically the entire clan.  What makes it special is that we were spending New Year’s out of the country.  At the onset, I already knew that there would be many problems, dissolution’s, and trials.  I also reminded myself that there would be a lot of wonderful moments with the family.

The family is large … counting up to the second degree is large enough for me.  Actually, its not large … its the individuals and their characters that make it seem large.  After all, 16 personalities on a trip is something to deal with.  If you knew my family, you’d understand that it’s impossible to get these many people to move as one … 🙂

With all its ups and downs … the trip went well.  I was expecting a lot worse.  I was the designated “tour guide” and coordinator and that made some moments HELL!!!

Looking back, I cherished every single moment and wished I could rewind and tried to schedule things better.  It was a toss up between the family and the two loves of my life – Len and Ira (my princess).  Of course, in terms of conflict, the two ladies won … but I still tried to squeeze a sister, cousin or niece there somewhere.

All in all … it was great … moments cherished forever … smiles and tears seen, heartaches heard, tummies filled, shopping accomplished.

Everybody got home safe and sound … thank God …

I wonder where the next adventure will be …




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