9 12 2007

I have forever held back this “title” because I have reserved it for the ultimate.  I think it’s about time to give it up.

Last Friday (07Dec’07), I made my way to Anilao quite early.  I left the house around 1830H hoping to beat the heavy traffic anticipated along SLEX (South Luzon Expressway).  There was the usual traffic but nothing really heavy.  I got to Petron and did a pitstop for bathroom and drivethru for dinner.  Sandwiches in hand, I continued on my treak to Anilao … where there was to be a Christmas Party/Outreach program organised by Diveshoppe.

I arrived there around 2230, the earliest I’ve gotten there.  I was greated by staff and brought to my room for the night.  I found out eventually that Dave and his family was headed that night too … although their arrival would be past my intended lights-out.

While having my usual night-cap … I thought how I anticipated the following days’ activities and eventual party that coming night.  I was so excited.  Seeing dive buddies who I haven’t seen for at least a year … some more … it was something I could not calm myself for.

I SMS’ed some friends … had a few drinks … listened to the hardly breaking waves (low tide) and to some tunes from my “communicator.”  It was really great …

Something I wish everyone that reads this can experience … really great …




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