finally, you can send it

5 12 2007

I have been connected to the internet directly since 1995.  Why directly?  Before 1995, I was connected via email, ftp, etc. but not directly.  Through a vast network of BBS’s (Bulletin Board System’s) that allowed me access but not in real time.

Since 1995, the biggest hassle was to be able to send something large through email to a friend.  Even with today’s larger mailbox limits, broadband services, etc., there has always been a limit as to what you can send directly via email … specifically, limited to its size.  Furthermore, sending files via email was unreliable at times.

There have been sites where you could upload files and given the proper link, your friend could access and download the file.  It was a bit of hassle and usually, the speed to the site wasn’t that great.  Now no more … I was recently introduced to yousenDit.  With this site, and without subscribing, you can send files up to 100Mb to anyone.  It’s so simple that anyone should be able to do it.

I recently had to send 9 mp3 songs to a friend in Canada in less than 45 minutes … problems included.  This site is something to reckon with … IT’S GREAT … finally!!!




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