rain on a parade

29 10 2007

These past few days have us witness another election.  Voting for our Barangay officials. Personally, I didn’t participate … why?  I didn’t know squat who was running.  Who would I vote for??? 

Unfortunately, for my daughter, this was her first attempt at the voting process.  Of course she didn’t know who she would vote for … she just grabbed the first sample ballot given her and voted accordingly … congrats to those that had paid for “machinery” and thus garnered her vote.  I hope the exercise doesn’t take the initial excitement she had for the event.

Which brings me to the post … I wish I could wish for rain and actually rain on their parade!  For the past few days … from morning ’till night … there has been a barrage of fireworks banging away … all day … all night!!!  I can relate to their celebration after … even their call for attention before … but do they have to do it late into the night???

I just can’t stand it … it drives me bonkers!!!  To add to the noise … there’s the trash that’s created by the sample ballots dumped on the city streets … you think the winners shall clean it up … are you kidding???

I just wish I could wish for heavy rain … that way … everyone clears the streets and just go home …




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