peter answers

21 10 2007

This afternoon after lunch, my cousin showed me this website: Peter Answers.  He completely blew me away at how he would type in the question and the site would reply correctly without fail.  This went on for about 30 minutes and I was impressed.  I said, this requires further investigation (which I’ll do tonight).

The only thing that puzzled me is that when I decided to type in my own “petitions,” it would answer vaguely.  Hmmm … there’s something to this … I had a feeling.

Well, a little time spent on Goggle showed me the light.  It’s pretty ingenious if you ask me.  You can easily wow your friends with this.  If you want to know the secret, click here.


ps: There’s a new kid on the block – Ask Jud … technique found here.




11 responses

30 10 2007

who is the crush of leciel dagohoy

8 01 2008

this is not a joke people this damn real he is even got a realtives i asked people they say that it is only a game but i knopw people who have died from it this is some fuckin spirtual thing be carefull people do not use it

12 01 2008
jay opper man

what am i wearing

12 01 2008
jay opper man

what am i waering

12 01 2008
jay opper man

what is jay wearing

5 02 2008


13 03 2008
Peter Answers

The Secret to Peter Answers is a secret best left private. This is too good of a trick to let people in on the mystery!

15 02 2011

whi i am

30 11 2008
Shinji Man

thanks for that kind of help

13 12 2010

yo nunca e podido jugar pedro responde pero en vercion china porke no lo encuentro

8 04 2011


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