7 weeks since

12 10 2007

The week started with excitement as there were plans for a dive this weekend, Friday and Saturday.  I was really looking forward to this since it has been 7 weeks since my last dive.  The whole September went by without having the chance to dive.  I was already getting withdrawal symptoms from not diving.  It was getting to become ridiculous.  Something would always come up to keep me from joining the group.

Tuesday came and the first of bad news hit.  The “Vonage” boys haven’t confirmed yet!  What?!?!?  The second bit of bad news struck … Jomi and Anton can only do a day trip.  What?!?!?  How could this be???  To top it off, Dave wouldn’t be able to make it since he had to attend to personal matters … no problem, Elmer would be the DM (divemaster).

The only good news I’ve received so far would come at night.  My friend was celebrating his birthday and I was at their place that night to party.  He usually declines but this time, he agreed to come!!!  EGAD!!!  At first he didn’t know if he wanted to do a day trip or do an overnight thingy.

Wednesday came and it was decided … it was going to be a day trip number.  I’ve never done this because of the fatigue factor involved.  I was going to drive for sure … and the idea of leaving at 5am on the day of the dive freaks me out.  There’s no way I’m going to get enough sleep for this.  I usually leave the night before and get to the resort … relax … sleep and wake up “already there.”  Just gear up and go go go …

As predicted … I must have gotten a max of 2 hours sleep … and that would entail moving in and out of consciousness.

The alarm went off at 4am and I dragged myself out of bed and into the bathroom.  After the 3 S’s (es’ses) … drove and picked up Anton, Jomi and Dennis one at a time.

There’s nothing like diving for me.  It just makes me happy.  I enjoy it tremendously and would take any opportunity that comes my way (budget permitting of course). 

You can read the details here. (ref: 12oct2007)




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