green vs. blue

24 09 2007

With the La Salle (Green Archers) vs Ateneo (Blue Eagles) basketball rivalry entering high gear, one cannot ignore the UAAP games no longer.  I am not a big basketball fan, although I did manage Manila Metrostars (MBA) for a few years, I still cannot consider myself a fan. 🙂

When my alma mater does play against Ateneo, I cannot help but find out who won if I didn’t catch the game on TV.  I guess its really the rivalry.  La Salle and Ateneo have been rivals since they were still in the NCAA.  You can lose to all other teams … but not to Ateneo.

We face the Blue Eagles for a fourth time this season on September 27.  This game shall provide the ticket for the best-of-three finals against the undefeated UE (University of the East) Red Warriors.

I’m confident that the Green Archers shall prevail, if only to nail that coffin shut and settle this once and for all.

Animo La Salle!!!



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