17 09 2007

“Begin with review and friend.”  Some of you may wonder what this phrase means.  Those that have had lessons in scuba diving must know and should practice this.  I came across this phrase again while browsing through Diveshoppe‘s page: Responsible Diver Code.  It was mentioned through a comment by one of my dive buddies.

What does this phrase really mean?  Acording to Scuba Diving Tips web page, BWRAF is:

Begin (B) – BCD – Check adjustment, operation, low pressure inflator connection, and that tank is firm in the band. If appropriate for the entry technique, make sure it’s partially inflated.

With (W) – Weights – Check for proper weighting, and that the quick release system is clear for ditching. Weight belts should have a right hand release.

Review (R) – Releases – Make sure you’re familiar with your buddy’s releases and how they work. Check each other to make sure they’re secure.

And (A) – Air – Confirm that you both have ample air for the dive, that your valves are open, that regulators and alternate air sources work, and that you know where to find and how to use each other’s alternate air sources.

Friend (F) – Final Okay – Give each other a final inspection looking for out of place equipment, dangling gauges, missing gear, etc.

I’ve read other variations for this acronym.  To mention a few:

“Burger with relish and fries”

“Blonde women really are fun”

“Beer with reggae and friends”

“Bionic women run amazingly fast”

I’m sure there are many more out there.  Actually, it’s all up to you to fill in the blanks but during my instruction as an OW (open water) diver, “begin with review and friend” was used.  This exercise teaches us to check our gear before entering the water.  Simple enough right?  I’m sure there those that forget. 🙂

I always go through the list mentally and much more before each dive.  I make sure that I am properly equipped for the dive.  A friend of mine always instilled that “you have to be self sufficient” when diving.

The buddy system or buddy diving is taught by PADI to ensure safety and improve divers’ chances of avoiding or surviving accidents.  Buddies are expected to monitor each other, stay close to help one another in case of an emergency.




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30 11 2007

Hi, my name is disman-kl, i like your site and i ll be back 😉

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