happy 80th

9 09 2007

Last night we celebrated the 80th birthday of my father-in-law, fondly known as “Papa Lolo.”  It was held at the ballroom of Renaissance Hotel in Makati.

Of course, one’s 80th birthday is a milestone and deserves a grand celebration … I mean, how many are lucky enough to celebrate 80 years.

We were there early in the afternoon for the usual picture taking … and that took forever considering the size of the clan.  The only problem was, the a/c was switched off at the venue because it was way too early before the scheduled event.  Perspiring in one’s clothes while waiting our turn in front of the camera is no laughing matter …

Happy Birthday Papa Lolo
Happy Birthday Papa Lolo

That said and done, we finished a just as guests were arriving.  Since the guests were to be served cocktails, it gave us an opportunity to freshen up in our rooms.  The grandchildren though had a dress rehearsal for their surprise numbers for Papa Lolo.

By 5:30pm, guests started arriving and were served cocktails outside the ballroom.  At 7pm, the doors were opened and guests started pouring in … the celebration started.



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