catch of week twenty five (2012)

26 06 2012

Thought I’d share my latest set taken at Anilao, Batangas the past weekend.  It was the first time I used my 50mm Compact Macro and corresponding new port.  I really like its product… 🙂

Great weather plus I got to meet and dive with a lovely couple from Spain – Carmelo and Laura.

Dive sites involved: Grotto, Coconut, Koala, Secret Bay, Layag-layag…


catch of week twenty three (2011)

13 06 2011

The star of the week was the Weedy Scorpionfish.  Due to a couple of low pressure systems hitting the country the past two weeks, divers have been “forced” to dive in an area rarely visited.  This brought about the “discovery” of weedy… 😀

Lucky us…

catch of week nineteen (2011)

17 05 2011

It’s had been one month since my last dive but two since my last Anilao visit… I’ve missed it so…

something i’ve never seen before

20 03 2011

catch of week nine

7 03 2011

It was Kay’s birthday weekend dive… my sister finally decides to take an intro dive… great company… nice weekend…

palau 2011

26 02 2011

A friend wrote about Palau – “where the big boys play.”

Being from the Philippines, we have one of the best reefs in the world.  The bio-diversity is second to none.  What we lack are pelagic fish, at least not in the usual diving spots.

This is where Palau comes in… hence “where the big boys play.”

The link below should lead you to the video of the dives…

Our dive schedule was:

– Day 1 –
Dive 1: Blue Holes – Blue Corner (spotted eagle ray)
Dive 2: Blue Corner (the sharks were still out to lunch)
Dive 3: German Channel (mantas feeding… there was one with at least a 15ft wingspan, which is the one I didn’t get on vid)

– Day 2 –
Dive 1: Siaes Tunnel (ho-hum, jacks were absent)
Dive 2: Siaes Corner (spotted eagle ray, sharks bumping/playing with each other)
Dive 3: Ulong Channel (turtle trying to munch my camera, sharks, nice drift through channel)

– Day 3 –
Dive 1: German Channel (manta didn’t wake up)
Dive 2: Blue Corner (the best ever… all present… spotted eagle ray, the usual sharks, cuda’s, spanish mackerel, wahoo, huge napoleon wrasse, etc.)
Dive 3: Iro (wreck – interesting but short dive because of depth and nitrogen loading)

I just wish it wasn’t so short a trip…

Enjoy… Mechikung (may-ee-KOONG – Palauan for "goodbye, come again”).

first dive of 2011

11 01 2011

The first dive of the year is like celebrating the New Year all over again… hoping the sightings will be better… hoping the sightings of last year continue… hoping the diving this year goes without incident… hoping to meet new divers…

Of course, since I got back into taking stills underwater, I was excited to spot and photograph fish to capture.  Here’s what I photographed during this year’s first dive:

Until the next dive…